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Normale Version: Noise when starting 2000 2.6 auto.
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New member from England here! 

I have an automatic convertible from the year 2000, its a 2.6 auto and although it is wonderful in many ways, I have a problem that I find it difficult to find an answer to. Maybe you could help?

When I turn the key, the car makes a clacking sound and it sounds like it's struggling to start. It does however start and run flawlessly.

It does not start this way each time, sometimes twice in a row then it starts normally, which is most frustrating. 

This noise at the start is annoying and makes me think I have a big problem in my engine.

I have a video attached so you can hear it.

I hope you can help me find the answer. 

Many thanks,

Hello Scott,
you need a new starter, engine seems to be OK.
Hi Normand,

Thanks for your reply.

I had a new starter fitted last year as I thought this was the fault. I have only done 50 miles since then.

Unless the starter is faulty?