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Normale Version: Noise when starting 2000 2.6 auto.
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New member from England here! 

I have an automatic convertible from the year 2000, its a 2.6 auto and although it is wonderful in many ways, I have a problem that I find it difficult to find an answer to. Maybe you could help?

When I turn the key, the car makes a clacking sound and it sounds like it's struggling to start. It does however start and run flawlessly.

It does not start this way each time, sometimes twice in a row then it starts normally, which is most frustrating. 

This noise at the start is annoying and makes me think I have a big problem in my engine.

I have a video attached so you can hear it.

I hope you can help me find the answer. 

Many thanks,

Hello Scott,
you need a new starter, engine seems to be OK.
Hi Normand,

Thanks for your reply.

I had a new starter fitted last year as I thought this was the fault. I have only done 50 miles since then.

Unless the starter is faulty?


Hi guys,

Can anyone else advise please?

Like I said I have already replaced the starter motor.

Hi Scott!
Maybe even the new starter is not placed in the correct position. So that the starter pinion does not fit perfectly into the space of the other pinion. Because as long as that terrible sound is there even the rev meter doesn't show any sign of movement at all.
Maybe you should loosen (but not remove) the starter and move it a little bit away from the engine.
Hey Audiolet,

Thanks for your thoughts! I will ask my mechanic to try this.
Hello Scott,

when starting almost breaks the power supply together, how old is the battery? Maybe not renew? You should also check the earth cable on the battery and the body. Clean the connections.

Greetings Pierre
Hi Pierre,

The battery, starter motor and alternator were all replaced last year. But I will try to clean the cables. Thanks